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Web Services Terms of Use

Thank you for using the SUPER ROCKET SYSTEM (SRS).  Our website (the “SRS Website”) is designed to provide a competitive marketplace for consumers to sell their private vehicles and for licensed motor vehicle dealers to buy and sell.

By registering and becoming a user of the SRS Website, you acknowledge acceptance of this Web Services Terms of Use Policy.

  1)  Definitions

“Super Rocket System” and “SRS” are defined as the company doing business as Super Rocket Systems Incorporated with offices located at 5013 Tenth Line, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S8 and includes its subsidiary, affiliated companies and Auction Partners.

The “SRS Website” is defined as the Super Rocket Systems Incorporated website which can be found at and includes all related materials and links.

An “SRS Auction Partner” is the exclusive physical auction location partner for SRS in a particular market location.

“Terms” are defined as this Super Rocket Web Services Terms of Use and is subject to, and includes, any changes and additions as required from time to time.

  2)  Licensed Dealer Use

Licensed motor vehicle dealers are provided access to the SRS Website for the commercial purpose of buying and selling vehicle inventory.  To use the SRS Website, dealers must be properly licensed to operate as motor vehicle dealers in the province they are located in.  Furthermore, in order to register as a user of the SRS Website, dealers must first be registered in good standing with the local SRS Auction Partner.  Vehicles offered for sale on the SRS Website by dealers must be registered in the name of the selling dealer.

  3)  Personal & Private Information

By using the SRS Website you agree to the collection, storage and transfer of your personal information.  By providing information of any kind to Super Rocket, you consent to the use of such information in accordance with the Super Rocket Privacy Policy.  Refer to the SRS Web Services Privacy Policy for more specific details.

  4)  User Account Responsibility

Once you have registered with SRS and have chosen your user name and password you become responsible for all activity on the SRS Website that occurs under you sign-in account.  It is important to select a strong password that is kept confidential for your use only.  You will be responsible for any activity that occurs under your sign-in, even if performed by someone other than yourself.

  5)  Website Access and Use

Accessing the SRS Website in any way other than the manual login process is not permitted.   The use of Robots, scripts, spiders or other automated access tools to enter the website violates the SRS Web Services Terms of Use.

SRS reserves the right to change or remove any content or delete any listings on the SRS Website including content submitted by Consumer and Dealer users.

All SRS Website content is the property of SRS and cannot be copied, modified, reproduced or distributed and cannot be posted on other websites without the expressed written consent of SRS.

The SRS Website is designed to be reliable and accurate, however, SRS cannot guarantee that the site will be continuously available, functional and free from error and corruption.  SRS cannot be held responsible for any negative outcomes or losses that may result from the use, reliance on, or inaccessibility of the SRS Website.  SRS makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the performance of the SRS Website and users of the site do so at their own risk.

Features on the SRS Website may be added or deleted or modified at any time.  The SRS Website may be periodically or permanently shut down at the sole discretion of SRS and without prior warning or notice.  SRS may limit or remove access to the SRS Website for any Consumer or Dealer user for any reason and at the sole discretion of SRS and without prior warning or notice of any kind.

  6)  User Provided Content

It is the responsibility of all SRS Website users to ensure all content they input or upload to the website is complete, accurate, truthful and lawful.  Vehicle descriptions and disclosures must be accurate and complete and not in any way deceptive or misleading.  SRS reserves the right to change or remove any content or delete and listings for any reason whatsoever.

SRS is not responsible for user provided content or for any content provided by third parties.

Any SRS Website content provided or uploaded by users of the site becomes the non-exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual property of SRS with the right for SRS to collect, store and reuse this content in any way they see fit.

  7)  Binding Sale

Any vehicle that is deemed “sold” on the SRS Website constitutes a transaction that is binding on both the buyer and the seller.

  8)  Liability

Super Rocket is not responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages whatsoever and howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with the use or misuse of our applications or in reliance on the information available on our applications, including any business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits or any other pecuniary loss, whether in an action of contract, civil liability, negligence or other tortious action, even if Super Rocket has been informed of the possibility of such damages or such damages are reasonably foreseeable.

  9)  Indemnity

All SRS Website users, either registered or unregistered, agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SRS and its affiliates, partners, members, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, consultants, service providers and agents from any and all claims, liabilities, damages or costs incurred as a result of their use of the SRS Website or related products and services.

  10)  Termination

SRS reserves the right to terminate this agreement, for any reason it deems to be appropriate, by deleting your user account or, by restricting all access to the SRS Website.  These terminations can be made without prior notice or warning.  The Terms you have agreed to regarding private information, user content and indemnity will survive such termination.