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Web Services Privacy Policy

Thank you for using the SUPER ROCKET SYSTEM (SRS).  Our website (the “SRS Website”) is designed to provide a competitive marketplace for consumers to sell their private vehicles and for licensed motor vehicle dealers to buy and sell.  In order to register on the SRS Website users must provide some basic information about themselves and, in the case of licensed dealers, about their business.  This information allows SRS to provide its unique services in a user specific online environment.  The following web services Privacy Policy will explain how we use the information that is collected about our users and their vehicles.

By registering and becoming a user of the SRS Website, you acknowledge acceptance of this Privacy Policy.  Furthermore, you consent to collection, storage, use and disclosure of the information you provide inclusive of, but not limited to, personal information, information about your vehicle and information about your business.

Please use the “Contact Us” button on the SRS Website, and write to the attention of our Privacy Officer, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the SRS Privacy Policy or about the use of your private information.

  1)  Definitions

“Super Rocket System” and “SRS” are defined as the company doing business as Super Rocket Systems Incorporated with offices located at 5013 Tenth Line, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S8 and includes its subsidiary, affiliated companies and auction partners.

  2)  Information Collection & Use

All information posted on the SRS Website is accessible and available for public viewing.  In addition, computer technology allows the public to copy, print and save any information that is visible on any website including the SRS Website.

If you choose to register as a user on the SRS Website and you provide you personal information, you consent to allow SRS to store this information on our servers, display this information on the public SRS Website and share this information with other SRS Website users and SRS subsidiaries and affiliates and auction partners.

SRS collects, stores and shares the following information:  first, last and middle names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, financial information (including credit card, billing and vehicle finance and lien information), dealership name & addresses, dealership auction computer numbers, dealer license numbers, user names and passwords, IP addresses, web login information, Website sign-on and use data, page view and traffic stats using cookies, vehicle information and vehicle photos which include image backgrounds.

SRS uses the information and images collected to provide services and to manage and control its internal business.  This includes marketing, transaction management, fee collection, business metrics and analysis, customer segmentation, internal and external communications, policy enforcement and customer complaint and service issue resolutions.

  3)  Photographs & Images

The SRS Website allows users to create detailed vehicle condition reports that include multiple photographs and images.  It is recommended that you include as many images of your vehicle as possible to enhance value to potential buyers.  It is important to take photos carefully so as not to include identifying background images such as landmarks, house numbers, license plate numbers and vehicle contents.  SRS cannot be held responsible or liable for personal or identifying information included in vehicle photography posted to the SRS Website.  Please exercise caution when photographing your vehicles by keeping them free from these types of images.

  4)  Other Use of Collected Information

SRS does not sell personal information to non-related third party organizations for any purpose whatsoever without the consent of the provider of such information.  SRS may provide or share any information it has access to or personal information it receives with other organizations or entities in order to manage or respond to legal issues, enforce SRS policies, protect its customers and to assist in the efforts of police, regulatory bodies or related associations.

In the normal course of business and service provision, SRS may share information (some of which may be defined as private information) to affiliated companies, third party service providers and auction partners to assist with vehicle transactions and marketing efforts.  Such information may also be given to third party advertisers on the SRS Website.

  5)  Access to Personal Information

The SRS Website allows its users to access their personal information and to access and edit their vehicle postings.  Users can view, update and delete their personal profile information by simply clicking on the “Account Profile” button on the main user log-in page.  Vehicle information can be viewed, updated or deleted through the “Add / Update Your Vehicle” feature on the main sign-in page.  SRS may keep records of changed or deleted personal information or vehicle postings for the purpose of accounts receivable collection, dispute resolution, marketing database management and site access control.

  6)  SRS Messages, Statuses and Notifications

In order to provide its services effectively, SRS relies heavily on its ability to track vehicles and their statuses throughout the sale process and to keep buyers and sellers notified of these statuses as they occur.  By registering on to the SRS Website and agreeing to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy you agree to receive vehicle status updates and notifications via your SRS dashboard and your provided email address.  SRS may not be able to turn off this functionality on a per user basis.  Due to the complex technology behind dashboard messages and email notifications, SRS cannot guarantee users will receive important information on the statuses of vehicles they are selling or buying.  It is the responsibility of SRS users to monitor the SRS Website regularly and as needed to track their vehicle purchases and sales for important status changes.

  7)  Visiting the SRS Website, Cookies & Security

When you visit the SRS Website’s publicly accessible areas without registering as a user, certain information may be transmitted to our servers.  Information such as your IP address, operating system and web browser being used, cookies from previously visited web pages and activities and pages visited on our website may be transmitted and recorded on our servers.  This information is used to manage the functionality of our site and for normal business purposes.  This information may be stored and used by SRS as needed in the normal course of managing, developing and marketing the business.

The SRS Website is secure and password protected and uses encryption technology to protect you and your information.  Although these safeguards provide a great deal of protection there is no guarantee that all information is protected at all times.  SRS makes no specific guarantees about the security of its website.

The SRS Website uses cookies, which are small files stored on your hard drive.  These files are important for the full functionality of the SRS Website including such features as page use tracking website design analysis and to allow you to remain signed in for convenience purposes.  If you wish to do so you can manage or block cookies with certain web browsers by making changes to your browser preferences.  If you choose to remain logged into the SRS Website or allow your browser to remember your user name and password, be sure that your computer is not accessible to others.

  8)  Policy Changes

The SRS Privacy Policy is subject to changes, additions or deletions and should be reviewed regularly for such changes.  Changes to any SRS policy, including the Privacy Policy, take effect immediately upon posting to the SRS Website.

  9)  Privacy Officer

The SRS Privacy Officer is responsible for setting the Privacy Policy, for managing compliance and for handling inquiries.  You can contact our Privacy Officer as follows:

Privacy Officer
Super Rocket Systems Incorporated
5013 Tenth Line
Georgetown, Ontario

Email:  attn: Privacy Officer