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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register as a consumer to sell my vehicles?

Simply click the Register Now button on the main screen and provide some basic information about yourself such as your name, address, phone number and email address then select your user name and password and you are ready to start. Registration is free.

How do I register as a dealer to buy or sell vehicles?

In order to buy or sell you must first be registered to do business at one of Super Rocket’s Auction Partner locations. Contact Super Rocket using the “Contact Us” section of the website and our Customer Service Representatives will help you get registered with our Auction Partner and set you up with a user name and password, giving you access to this new channel of vehicle supply.

What is the cost to register?

There is no cost to register with Super Rocket or to create an online condition report (CR) for your vehicle. There is NO FEE to book a vehicle on SRS into an upcoming auction. Auction buy & sell fees are only charged when a vehicle is sold subject to the approval of the seller.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Your personal information will be kept confidential in an encrypted database on SRS’s secured server. Buyers and sellers cannot see each other’s information during the auction. Only when your vehicle is sold will information such as name and address appear to the individual buyer and seller on the Sale Confirmation email. The name and address of the buyer and seller will also appear on the legal bill of sale generated by the Auction Partner location.

How do I change my registration information?

Consumers can change their contact information, and password by accessing their “Account Profile” once they have logged-in.

Dealers must contact the SRS Customer Service representative to make changes to their profile information.

What do I do if I have lost my User Name and/or Password?

Your Super Rocket User Name is the email address you used when you first registered on the website.

If you have lost your password simple click on the lost password link on the login screen and a new password will be emailed to you. When you login using your new password you will be asked to change your password. Your new password must be 6 - 20 characters in length and must contain at least one number.

If you continue to have login problems, please contact the Super Rocket Help Desk at 1-800-123-4567.

Vehicle Condition Reports & Reserve Prices

How do I complete a vehicle Condition Report (CR)?

Once you have registered and logged into the SRS site you will be able produce a condition report (CR) for your vehicle. A CR is a detailed description of your vehicle that will help dealers place competitive bids. After logging in, select the “Add/Update Vehicle” button and follow the instructions provided. You can also begin a CR on your smartphone using the SRS application. For assistance in producing your vehicle’s CR, contact our Customer Service department during regular business hours.

What photographs of my vehicle should I provide in the CR?

One of the most important parts of your vehicle Condition Report is the photographs you provide. Super Rocket allows you to upload as many as 10 photographs. Begin by taking photos of the whole vehicle on a slight angle from the front left (drivers side) and the rear right (passenger side). The remaining photos should include the following:

  • Left and right side.
  • Interior looking in through the driver’s door.
  • Rear seat as seen through the driver’s side rear door.
  • Instrument panel including radio and climate control.
  • Trunk or hatchback area.

Refer to the sample vehicle photos provided on the Super Rocket website to get a view of what actual photos should look like. Remember, a photo is worth a thousand words.

CAUTION - the privacy of your personal information is important. Avoid taking photos that include identifying features such as license plate numbers, street names or numbers or images of people. This can be avoided by keeping your photographs as tight to the vehicle as possible.

How do I complete the Disclosures section of the Condition Report (CR)?

There is consumer protection legislation in Canada that requires the disclosure of specific history and conditions of your vehicle. This legislation applies to the sale of vehicles by dealers and consumers. Accurately answering the questions in the disclosure section of the CR is not only important, it is the law. You must answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge. To learn more about your vehicle, particularly if you are not the first owner, we suggest you order a CarProof vehicle history report, which will be posted in your CR for viewing by interested buyers. This is a great selling tool because the buyer will eventually need to provide a vehicle history report such as a CarProof when they go to resell the vehicle.

How do I determine and set my Reserve Price?

Your Reserve Price is the least amount of money you will accept for the sale you your vehicle. Your Reserve Price remains confidential to interested buyers until the conclusion of the first round of the auction so the bid amounts you receive are influenced by the market and not by what you think your vehicle is worth. The beauty of selling your vehicle through the auction process is that you can get more than you are asking.

You must set your reserve price based on the true market value of your vehicle. By doing market research you can closely determine your vehicle’s value. Search out similar vehicles being sold online and refer to vehicle valuation sites such as Canadian Black Book and VMR Canada. You vehicle’s true market value is less than dealer advertised prices for the same model, year and mileage. Vehicles being offered for sale by dealers are certified, reconditioned and financed and include a price premium to allow for negotiation.

The beauty of the Super Rocket Auction System is that your reserve is confidential for the first round of bidding and you have the opportunity to reduce your reserve and sell your vehicle after the first and second rounds of bidding.

Booking your Vehicle in the Sale

What vehicles can I sell using Super Rocket?

You can sell any vehicle that is currently registered in Canada in the name of the individual who is the Super Rocket member offering the vehicle for sale. The vehicle must have been sold new in North America (Canada or the US) and cannot have been manufactured for off shore markets.

How many vehicles can I sell on Super Rocket?

The Super Rocket System is designed to help consumers sell their privately owned vehicles to licensed automobile dealers in a competitive market place. Consumers may offer one vehicle for sale at a time. The use of the site by consumers to sell multiple vehicles may constitute curbstoneing or curbsiding and is not permitted.

How do I book a vehicle into the sale?

In order to book your vehicle into an upcoming sale you must first ensure that your vehicle condition report is complete and you have provided a reserve price. Once this is complete, you can select the “Book A Vehicle for Sale” button. This will lead you to the sale calendar showing upcoming sale dates. You may choose any sale date over the next 10 business days. The cutoff time for booking your vehicle into the next day’s sale is 9:00 pm on the day before.

What is the fee for booking a sale date?

There is NO FEE to book a vehicle on SRS. If your vehicle does not sell in the first sale you will have the opportunity to book two more sale dates at a reduced fee of $10 each

How do I select the best sale date for my vehicle?

SRS has designated sale/auction days that the firm promotes amongst buyers and sellers, please contact us at to find out more about our next sale. It is recommended that you post your vehicle at least 2 to 3 days before your selected auction date

What is the cost to put a vehicle into the auction?

There is NO FEE to book a vehicle on SRS. You are allowed to book your vehicle in up to 3 auctions should it not sell during the first auction. Once your vehicle is sold there is a selling fee of 3% (to a maximum of $600) of the vehicle sale price. It is important to consider the selling fee when setting your reserve price.

Selling Your Vehicle on Super Rocket

What are the auction fees for buying and selling on SRS?

The selling fee charged to the seller of a vehicle is 3% (to a max of $600) of the selling price. The sell fee will be deducted from the proceeds cheque given to the seller upon delivery and inspection of their vehicle at the Auction Partner location.

Why do dealers want to buy my vehicle?

There is a significant shortage of all types of used vehicle in the Canadian marketplace. The shortage of used vehicles is expected to continue through the end of this decade so this is not a short-term market phenomenon. As a result of this shortage, dealers spend a great deal of time searching out all sources of used vehicles and in recent years they have focused their attention to online purchasing. By going online to source out vehicles, dealers can remove market barriers and geographic restrictions. The Super Rocket System opens up a new online channel of supply to dealers by linking consumers who wish to sell their vehicles with dealers who need vehicles. Canadian consumers sell over 1 million vehicles privately every year.

How do dealers find my vehicle on Super Rocket?

Dealers can use the Super Rocket search feature to seek out the vehicles they need to buy. Dealers can also add vehicles to their wish list, which will notify them when the vehicles they are looking for have become available on Super Rocket. These automated tools are an effective way to link sellers with motivated buyers. In addition to these built in features, the Super Rocket Customer Service Department is continually talking to dealers to determine the makes and models that are most in demand.

How do dealers bid on my vehicle?

Dealers who are interested in buying your vehicle will be able to make a bid at any time up until the close of the first round of the auction which occurs a 1:00 pm eastern standard time. Dealers will not be able to see your reserve price until the end of the first round so their bid amount is based on the market value of your vehicle and not the minimum amount you are willing to accept. For this reason, the competitive auction process can get you more than you are asking for your car.

How does a dealer buy my vehicle?

In order to purchase your vehicle a buyer must have the highest bid and that bid must meet or exceed your reserve price. If your reserve price is met or exceeded at the close of the Round 1 of the auction, your vehicle is sold. If your reserve is not met, buyers will have the chance to raise their bids to meet your price in the Round 2 of the auction.

Can I change my reserve price?

You can adjust your reserve price up or down at any time until the close of the first round of the auction on your chosen sale date. Once the first round has ended, and your vehicle has not yet been sold, you will have the opportunity to reduce your reserve price. You can reduce your reserve to an amount that is closer to the high bid thus indicating to buyers that you are very interested in selling you vehicle. If you reduce your reserve price to an amount equal to the top bid you have indicated to buyers that your vehicle will be sold to the top bidder after the second round. This is equivalent to selling “unreserved” to the top bidder. If not sold in Round 1, you will be given a second chance to sell your vehicle at the end of the Round 2 (3:00 pm EST) by reducing your reserve price to the top bid amount.

Can dealers see my reserve price during the auction?

Once your vehicle is booked into an upcoming sale date, interested buyers will be able to view its detailed Condition Report and place bids in the Super Rocket System but will not see your reserve price at this time. At the end of the first round of the auction on your chosen sale date (1:00 pm EST) you will be able to review the bids received and, if not sold, you will be able to reduce your reserve price before it is revealed to the bidding dealers. At the beginning of the second round of the auction (2:00 pm EST) the bidding dealers will be able to view your reserve, see the high, median and low bids and the top 7 bidders will have the chance to raise their bid amounts in an effort to purchase your vehicle. Note: if your reserve price is met at the end of the first round, your vehicle is sold to the top bidder and your reserve price will remain confidential.

How do I see the bids on my vehicle?

Simply login to the Super Rocket System and you will be directed to your home selling page. At the end of each round of the auction process, the bids you have received will appear on the Auction Activity Dashboard. You will see the top bid, median bid and the low bid amounts and the number of dealers who have placed bids will also be shown. Bid amounts for the first and second rounds of the auction will be shown separately on the upper and lower portion of the Auction Activity Dashboard.

What is a “Sealed Bid”?

Dealers who are interested in buying a particular vehicle on the Super Rocket System do so by submitting a sealed bid. During a sealed bid auction buyers do not see what amount other participants in the auction are bidding until after the auction closes. The sealed bid process has long been recognized for yielding more money than the traditional open ascending auction method because buyers submit the highest amount they are willing to pay rather than just bidding $100 more than the second last bidder. The Super Rocket System gets you the most for your vehicle by providing two rounds of sealed bid submissions.

The Super Rocket Auction Process

When does the Auction Start?

The Super Rocket Auction is always running and allows dealers to search and bid on vehicles 24/7. Every day there are vehicles being added to the auction for future sale dates and there are vehicles that are part of the current auction sale date and their bidding period is ending. The auction for a given vehicle starts once it has been booked into an upcoming sale date. Once booked, a vehicle is visible, and eligible for bidding, for all dealers browsing the Super Rocket System. The auction sale date of a vehicle determines when bidding ends. Vehicles can be booked in any one of the next 10 sale dates. The later the chosen sale date, the longer the vehicle is visible and available for bidding to Dealers.

When does the auction end?

The auction for and individual vehicle ends at 4:00pm EST on its chosen auction sale date, which is one hour after the close of the second round of bidding. The second round of the auction closes at 3:00pm EST on the chosen auction date. From 3:00pm until 4:00pm, sellers will have the chance to review bids and sell their vehicle to the top bidder. At 4:00pm EST the entire auction process ends. If your vehicle’s reserve price is met or exceeded by the close of the first round (1:00pm EST), your vehicle is sold and the auction ends early.

How do the two rounds of the auction work?

Round 1:
The auction process includes two rounds of bidding on each vehicle offered for sale. Round 1 starts immediately once a vehicle is booked into the auction and ends at 1:00 pm on the auction sale date chosen by the seller. During round 1, dealers can view and bid on all vehicles on the sale listing. Dealers can also change or retract their bids throughout Round 1. Also, during Round 1, sellers can adjust their reserve price or update their vehicle’s condition report information including photos. Any bids received during round 1 are sealed and cannot be viewed by the seller, by other dealers or by Super Rocket Customer Service Representatives.

Round 1 Closed: 1:00pm to 2:00pm
As mentioned above, Round 1 bidding ends at 1:00pm on the auction sale date for a particular vehicle. From 1:00pm to 2:00pm, sellers will see Round 1 results on their Auction Activity Dashboard. The dashboard will show the amount of the high, low and median bids and the number of bids received. If the high bid meets or exceeds the seller’s reserve price then the vehicle is sold and the auction process comes to a conclusion at the end of Round 1. If the vehicle is not sold, the seller has the option of reducing their reserve price and/or selling their vehicle to the top bidder.

Round 2: 2:00pm to 3:00pm
At the beginning of Round 2 the bid results and seller’s reserve price are revealed to all bidders for the first time. If a vehicle was sold at the end of Round 1, this information will be shown and the buyer of the vehicle will be provided with a purchase confirmation. During the 1-hour period of Round 2, the top 7 bidders will be given the opportunity to increase their bid amounts based on the now visible reserve price. Bidders realize that bidding an amount equal to or greater than the reserve price does not guarantee they will be the successful buyer because other Dealers can still outbid them.

Round 2 Closed: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
If the reserve price is met or exceeded at the end of Round 2 then the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder. If the reserve is not met the seller now has the opportunity to immediately sell their vehicle by reducing the reserve price to an amount equal to the high bid.

After Your Vehicle is Sold

How do I know if my vehicle is sold?

If your vehicle is sold you will see a “Sold Status” message on your Auction Activity Dashboard and you will receive a Sold Confirmation email with the details of the transaction. Your vehicle can be sold in two different ways. First, if the top bid on your vehicle, from any round of the auction, exceeds the reserve price, your vehicle is sold. Secondly, if you reduce your reserve price after the close of Round 1 or Round 2 of the auction, your vehicle is sold.

What do I do after I sell my vehicle?

A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours of the end of the sale to schedule a time for the sold vehicle to be dropped at your local auction partner location. At that time we will review with you the specific documents that are required to complete the sale. Once your vehicle has been delivered to the auction and has passed the inspection process, the Auction Partner will issue a proceeds cheque in the name of the registered owner.

Can I decide that I do not want to sell my vehicle?

Upon registering as a member of Super Rocket and posting your vehicle for sale, you agree to the terms, conditions and policies of the SRS website. Section (8) of the Terms of Use policy clearly states:

“A vehicle is deemed to be sold when a bid amount is recorded that is equal to, or greater than, the sellers reserve price on or after the close of Round 1 or, if the seller removes the reserve price or reduces the reserve price to a dollar amount equal to, or less than, the high bid amount. Any vehicle that is deemed “sold” on the SRS Website constitutes a transaction that is binding on both the buyer and the seller.”

A seller can decide not to sell their vehicle by removing it from the sale at least 1 hour prior to the end of Round 1 of the auction. Once a vehicle is deemed to be sold by SRS, the transaction cannot be cancelled by either the buyer or seller.

Why do I deliver my sold vehicle to the Auction Partner Location?

Auction Partners are a key component of all transactions on SRS and perform the important functions of inspecting vehicles, producing bills of sale, paying the seller and collecting from the buyer. It is the Auction Partner component of Super Rocket that allows buyers and sellers to confidently transact vehicles in a virtual online environment. Auction Partners are the physical link between buyers and sellers by providing all of the necessary services surrounding a vehicle transaction.

Why does my vehicle need to be inspected by the Auction Partner?

Buyers place their bids based entirely on information provided in the vehicle Condition Report (CR). Once a vehicle has been sold, it is important to ensure that the actual condition of the vehicle matches the CR. One of the important services provided by Auction Partners is a vehicle Condition Report Verification Inspection. This inspection is performed immediately after a vehicle is delivered by the seller to the Auction Partner location and compares the details provided in the CR with the actual vehicle. Once the vehicle has passed the CR Verification Inspection the seller will be provided with the sale proceeds cheque.

How is the amount of the proceeds cheque calculated?

The amount of your proceeds cheque is determined by taking the Super Rocket sale price and deducting the 3% selling fee (to a max of $600). In some provinces the selling fee is taxable and that amount will also be deducted from the original sale price.