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The Super Rocket Auction Process

Vehicle Ownership:

SUPER ROCKET is a revolutionary new auction that allows private individuals to sell their vehicles into the dynamic new and used car dealer market. Vehicles offered for sale must be registered in the name of the individual who has signed up and is selling the vehicle on SUPER ROCKET.

When a vehicle is sold on SUPER ROCKET it must be delivered to the auction partner location by the registered owner. For your protection, the auction partner will only release the payment cheque for a vehicle to the registered owner of the vehicle with proof of photo identification in the form of either a driver’s license or passport.

Auction Partners:

The SUPER ROCKET auction system works in conjunction with a network of physical auction partner locations. These established businesses provide a convenient location for you to deliver your sold vehicle and receive your payment in the form of a guaranteed cheque. All buyers for your vehicle are registered with and auction partner ensuring they are legitimate and properly licensed motor vehicle dealers.

These auction partners facilitate your sale buy providing dealer buyers with many services such as transaction administration, vehicle registration transfer, transportation, reconditioning and arbitration services. As a seller, your vehicle is given added value through the strength and security of our auction partners.

Vehicle Condition Report:

Every vehicle offered for sale on SRS must have an accurate and complete Condition Report, also known as a “CR“. This allows buyers to view your vehicle and place their best price offer. You can create your own condition report Online using your computer or smartphone starting with your vehicles serial number. The serial number for your vehicle is located on the dashboard under the lower drivers side corner of the windshield and on the inside frame of the drivers door opening. With the SRS smartphone application you can scan the barcode on the doorframe to quickly input your serial number and begin to create your own CR. Go to the application store on your smartphone and search for Super Rocket to get this free download.

A good condition report contains many photos. Be sure to photography any damages to the exterior or interior of your vehicle. Damages not listed on the condition report can result in cancellation of the sale. Review the How To Get The Best Price For Your Car section of the website for more details on photographing and describing your vehicle.

Be sure to fill out the Disclosures section of the CR. These disclosures are required by law and provide important information to buyers who wish to purchase your vehicle.

In order to BOOK A SALE DATE for your vehicle, your CR must be complete and your reserve price must be entered. Vehicle Condition Reports can be changed by the seller up until 11:00 am on the date of the sale.

If you require any assistance in creating your CR please use the “Contact Us“ button or simply contact our Customer Service Team at +1 (416) 389-7614. Another option is to bring your vehicle to your local Auction Partner location and have their experts create a CR for you. Contact our Customer Service Team to make your Auction Partner location CR appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Reserve Price:

Your Reserve Price is the amount at which you are willing to sell your vehicle. It is important to provide a realistic reserve price. Be sure to do your research using Black Book or similar guides and deduct for needed repairs or maintenance. Your reserve bid is kept confidential until the end of Round 1 bidding to ensure bidders offer top dollar.

Through the SRS process you will have at least two opportunities to adjust your reserve price based on the bids received.

For more details on setting your reserve price, refer to the How To Set Your Reserve Price section of the website.

Service Fees:

Entry Fee - There is no fee to book a car into an SRS sale date.

Sell Fee - 3% of sale price (to a max of $600). The sell fee will be deducted from the proceeds cheque you will receive once your vehicle has been dropped off and passed inspection at the local auction partner location.

Buy Fee - please contact SUPER ROCKET for a full listing of Buy Fees.

Book A Sale Date:

Once your CR is complete and you have entered your reserve price, you will have the ability to enter your vehicle in the sale allowing thousands of dealers across Canada to view your condition report and place live bids.

To enter your vehicle into the auction simply click on the “BOOK A SALE DATE“ button on your AUCTION ACTIVITY DASHBOARD and choose an upcoming auction date. If your vehicle does not sell in the first auction you can book 2 additional auction dates.

Super Rocket has scheduled sales twice a month, please contact us for the next auction date. You have the option of entering your vehicle into the next day's sale or a future sale scheduled over the next 10 business days.

The cutoff time for booking your vehicle in the next day's sale is 9:00 pm. This ensures you do not miss out on bids because your vehicle was added to the auction late.

As soon as your vehicle is entered into a current or future sale date, buyers will be able to view it online and place confidential sealed bids. Keep in mind that buyers will have more interest in your vehicle if it is entered into an earlier auction date.

The SRS Auction Sale Process:

SRS uses a unique and patented sale process that encourages competitive bidding and gives buyers the opportunity to increase their bid offers in order to buy your vehicle.

Sold Vehicle Process:

Congratulations on the sale of your vehicle using SRS.

If your vehicle is sold you will receive a “Sale Confirmation Email“ which will provide you with the details of your transaction including sale price, sell fee and applicable taxes and the name and location of your local SRS Partner Auction location.

The registered vehicle owner must deliver the sold vehicle, complete with the original vehicle registration document, to the local SRS Auction Partner location for inspection within 2 business days of the close of the auction unless scheduled for a later date. The SRS Partner Auction will inspect your vehicle to ensure it was accurately described in the Condition Report and that the vehicle is either free of all liens and encumbrances or the appropriate lien pay-out information is available for payment. Please contact us for further information pertaining to liens and encumbrances as they may pertain to your specific vehicle.

Once the paperwork is verified and the vehicle has passed the inspection process, you will be provided with a bill of sale and a payment cheque for the sale price of your vehicle less the amount of the selling fee (3% to a maximum of $600).

Thank you for using SUPER ROCKET.