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SUPER ROCKET Auction Partner Opportunities

A unique feature of Super Rocket’s online auction process is the inclusion of established physical auto auction partners. These Auction Partnerships form the backbone of the Super Rocket auction process and ensure each transaction is fully managed from an operational and administrative perspective.

Super Rocket’s Auction Partners provide physical drop off and pickup locations, legal bills of sale, secure funds handling, transportation services, mechanical and inspection services and access to floor plan financing. The Super Rocket value proposition is enhanced by combining the reach and efficiency of online technology with the traditional benefits and services provided by physical auctions.

Our Auction Partners benefit by gaining access to a large segment of the used vehicle market and by increasing the supply of vehicles they provide to their dealer customers. This incremental business has a positive impact on all auction location revenue streams. Exclusive territory agreements ensure that each auction partner is the sole service provider within a large market area. Super Rocket creates a win-win situation for consumers, dealers and physical auctions.

If you are an established physical auto auction with regularly scheduled sales, you may qualify to become a Super Rocket Auction Partner. For more information about becoming Super Rocket Auction Partner please contact Jamie Clubb at